Has the Palms Neighborhood Council helped you or the Palms community recently?  Let us know and be heard:  palmswest@palmsla.org

PNC award 2013

“Thank you so much for the exceptionally kind words…and for the support that the Palms Neighborhood Council has provided for us over the years. We have worked as hard as possible to build a program that really matters and I feel proud that we have done that. We too look forward to working together in the years to come, and I hope that we can continue to educate our kids and families about the neighborhood council’s important role in the community, how they can get more involved, etc.  But we all share a passion for Palms, and we are proud to be your partner.  Hope to see you soon.  And again, many thanks.”

My Best,
David Joseph
LA Scores

“Thank you and the Palms Neighborhood Council for getting Balfour Beatty to finally take action. They performed general site cleanup, repaired the fence, and installed green panels from Canfield to Durango to block the view of the site. The appearance of our neighborhood is vastly improved as a result of your efforts.”

Most appreciatively,
Palms Stakeholder

“Through his involvement with lanative.org and other community groups, [Charles] Miller said he has been working to generate awareness and to encourage Expo to make the switch from non-native to native plant species.”

Santa Monica Daily Press – July 20, 2012

“The Palms Beautification Project is engaging the community and leaving a lasting impressing by painting unique murals on 10 utility boxes around the neighborhood. Local artists and students from Hamilton High School engaged the neighborhood by collecting stories from the stakeholders about the history, culture, and landmarks of the neighborhood. They took these stories to create designs that reflect a distinctive “feel” for anyone who lives, works, or visits Palms. This collaborative effort between Palms Neighborhood Council, local artists, a local nonprofit (LA Commons), Council District 10, and Hamilton High School has created jobs, provided training and after school services for students, engaged stakeholders, and helped to beautify the neighborhood.”

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Newsletter, May 18, 2012