Woodbine Park Modernization

A Community Living Room for Palms

Dozens of community members came out on February 20th for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and official re-opening of Woodbine Park. woodbine opening-ribbon cutting

Students from Palms Elementary School gave the pledge of allegiance and Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz , former City Councilmember Rosalyn Wyman, and Department of Recreation and Parks General Manager Mike Schull spoke about the importance of park space to Los Angeles, particularly in Palms which has few green spaces.

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Palms Neighborhood Council President Eli Lipmen thanked all those who played a role in bringing this community project to fruition, specifically outgoing PNC Vice President Niall MacMenamin who shepherded the project from just an idea into a fully-funded, community-designed park. Children, and their gratefully parents, immediately got to playing on the brand new playground equipment, courtesy of the LA Parks Foundation, the Rosalyn Wyman Fund, and the Department of Recreation and Parks.


The park is really starting to come together! We are meeting one last time with the Department of Parks & Recreation and plan to open up the park again soon! Check back here for updates:

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Woodbine Park Groundbreaking!

IMG_7557On October 2nd, LA City Councilmember Paul Koretz, former City Councilmember Rosalind Wyman, and members of the Palms community joined the Palms Neighborhood Council and the Department of Recreation and Parks to break ground on the modernization of Woodbine Park – a pocket park at Vinton Avenue and Woodbine Street in Palms.

IMG_7538PNC President Eli Lipmen welcomed everyone to the soon-to-be constructed “community living room” in Palms – an eco-friendly project that brings the whole community together. Department of Recreation and Parks Assistant General Manager Michael Shull described the improvements, to include a resurfaced and updated basketball court, new LED lighting, a brand new playground on a rubberized surface, new sidewalks, a native plant demonstration area, and additional improvements to the parks benches, trash cans, and more. He explained, “the Palms Neighborhood Council came to us with a shovel-ready design and an extensive community outreach plan, which made it much easier to begin construction on this project quickly.”

IMG_7531PNC Vice President Niall MacMenamin, who led the projects development over four years, recognized the contribution of those in the community – past Council members, developers, school children, parents, park-goers, and community groups – in developing a strategic plan that ensured this project remained a top priority for the Neighborhood Council over four years. You can read more about the PNC’s strategic plan, extensive outreach efforts, and design plans here. Councilmember Paul Koretz recognized the support of Rosalyn Wyman and the LA Parks Foundation, who brought needed funds to the park, a ‘sister park’ to the Rosalind Wyman Recreation Center on Overland Avenue.

After the formal program, the community gathered together, grabbed shovels, and ceremoniously broke ground on the new park in Palms! Construction will officially begin Monday, October 7th and will last until the end of January 2014.




Proposed Plans for Woodbine Park

Here are the proposed drawings and plans for the new Woodbine Park playground. It is made out of eco-friendly materials and has a natural theme – complete with canopies to protect against the sun and lots of places for children to play.

A model of proposed improvements to Woodbine Park to create a "community living room" in Palms.

A model of proposed improvements to Woodbine Park to create a “community living room” in Palms.

Woodbine Park, about an acre in size, is the only park option for 4,000 kids and young adults who live in Palms. The Palms NC believes this is a vital resource and we’re leading an effort to improve Woodbine Park by building a “Community Living Room for Palms”. 

As Palms’ only park, Woodbine is a valuable resource for our neighborhood children, teens and adults.  Woodbine, however, has become outdated and neighborhood stakeholders are looking for a park with updated amenities and scenery. The PNC believes that Woodbine would meet the neighborhood’s needs if facilities were modernized.

The PNC are leading a community-wide effort to modernize Woodbine Park. We held a picnic and meeting in the Park to discuss this plan – read more about it here and on August 15, the PNC Land Use & Planning Committee held a stakeholders meeting – read all about it here.

Click here to download a before and after architect’s rendering of proposed Woodbine Park modernizations based on stakeholder feedback.

3-D Model of Architect’s Drawing of Woodbine Park Modernization (Based on Community Input)

IMG_20130115_091859 IMG_20130115_091550 IMG_20130115_091558 IMG_20130115_091621 IMG_20130115_091641 IMG_20130115_091844

The PNC is taking three steps to modernize Woodbine park:

  1. Solicit Stakeholders to Participate in the Park Renewal
    – The PNC has received an overwhelming stakeholder feedback from our monthly newsletter, postings  at Woodbine Park asking for community comment, council meetings and more. Some of the stakeholder ideas are listed below. Click here for full survey results.
  2. Coordinate Stakeholders
    – On August 15, the Chair of the PNC Land Use and Planning Committee Niall MacMenamin held a stakeholders meeting. Click here for the minutes and summary of the meeting.
  3. Communicate Woodbine Modernization to Stakeholders.

Modernization Priorities:

  1. Updated basketball court
  2. Modernized playground equipment to suit children spanning many ages. Scroll down for examples.
  3. Lights and safety to reduce crime and homeless use of park
  4. Improve accessibility (e.g., add crosswalk on Palms near Jasmine)
  5. Make landscaping more memorable (e.g., fruit trees, etc)
  6. Pavilion with tables, benches and modern amenities to facilitate meetings (e.g., for music, audio visual)
  7. Kiosk in the park to advertise the PNC and other neighborhood events
  8. Water fountain for kids to play
  9. Solar panels

Current Woodbine Park Site Map (click image to enlarge)