Land Use & Planning

The Land Use & Planning Committee deals with how the land in Palms is used.  This includes issues of green space, residential and commercial developments, city planning decisions which affect Palms, and others. The PNC has a default policy for all developments and developers which can be read here.

Meetings: IMAN Center, 3376 Motor Ave., Palms, 1/2 block south of National Blvd. Map. Calendar.

Chair: Neal Anderberg (

Upcoming Meeting & Agenda

Wednesday, July 30th, 7:00pm. Download Agenda

All items below may include a motion or recommendation to the Assembly.

Past Minutes & Agendas

July 2014 Agenda

June 2014 Agenda.

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September 2010 Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting

7-10-2010 Meeting

Support Letters

Support: Hughes Apt 3627-3637

Support- Amendment to Small Lot Subdvisions Zoning Code

 Relevant Documents

7-2010 Meeting – 3704 Clarington Ave Permit Application