Reuse, Recycle & Dispose

Let’s keep Palms Clean!…Reuse, recycle and dispose of household items, Click Here for a list of participating businesses in Palms.

Pharmacy Depot - Drug Take Back Program
Dispose your unused drugs properly to prevent pollution of water systems
Visit for more information – download the flyer for more details.

A Palms Community Organizations whose mission is to “instill a commitment to environmental protection rooted in our shared moral values.”
- “Green” Kitchen Tips
- “Green” Party Tips

Cool California
Learn how to take steps at home, in your business, in your school, and in your community to reduce your carbon footprint.

LA City Multi-Family Residential Recycling Program
Start recycling in your apartment or condo today. Its quick, easy, and can save you or your landlord money.

Sustainable Works Green Living Workshop
Take a workshop on how to live sustainably in nearby Santa Monica or Culver City