Representative Assembly Agendas

Per Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Policy #2014-01, agendas of Palms Neighborhood Council and Committee meetings can be found at these designated posting sites at least 72 hours prior to a regular meeting and 24 hours before a special meeting:

  • Woodbine Park, Kiosk, 3409 S. Vinton Ave. (24 hour availability)
  • Palms Neighborhood Council website, (24 hour alternate)

Other non-mandatory posting locations include:

  • Simpang Asia Groceries, 10433 National Blvd.
  • Casa de Laundry, 3371 Motor Ave.
  • Launderland, 10829 Venice Blvd.

Committee agendas and minutes can be found on the relevant Committee webpage:

Executive Committee and Ad Hoc Committee agendas can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Representative Assembly Agendas

September 3, 2014 PNC Assembly Agenda 9-3-14

August 6, 2014 PNC Assembly Agenda 8-6-14

July 2, 2014 Special Meeting July-2-2014

July 2 , 2014 General Assembly Agenda

June 11, 2014 Special General Assembly Meeting Agenda

June 4, 2014 General Assembly Meeting and Seating of the 2014-2016 Board

April 2nd DRAFT Meeting Minutes
PNC DRAFT Minutes, 2014-5-7, Gen Assy
Treasurers Report – May 2014
Monthly Expenditure Report – May

May 31 New Board Member Orientation

May 7 Special Meeting Agenda and Neighborhood Council Budget Advocate White Paper

May 7 General Assembly Meeting Agenda
Supporting Documents:

April 2 General Assembly Meeting Agenda

March 5 General Assembly Meeting Agenda. Supporting Documents:

February 5 General Assembly Meeting Agenda. Supporting Documents

December 4 General Assembly Meeting Agenda

Supporting Documents:

November 19 SPECIAL Meeting Agenda – 2014 Election

November 6, 2013 PNC General Assembly Meeting Agenda
Supporting Documents:

October 2 PNC General Assembly Meeting Agenda
Supporting Documents:

September 11 PNC General Assembly Meeting Agenda Supporting Documents:

August 7 PNC General Assembly Mtg Agenda

July 10 PNC General Assembly Mtg Agenda

June 5 PNC General Assembly Mtg. Agenda

May 1 General Assembly Meeting Agenda

April 3 Special Meeting Agenda

April 3 General Assembly Meeting Agenda.

March 28 Special Meeting Agenda

March 6 General Assembly Meeting Agenda

February 6 General Assembly Meeting

January 5, 2013 PNC Strategic Planning Agenda

General Assembly Agenda December 5 2012

Assembly Agenda November 7 2012

Assembly Agenda October 3 2012

Assembly Agenda September 5 2012

Assembly Agenda August 1 2012

Special Assembly Agenda – June 2012

Assembly Agenda JUNE 6 2012

May 2 2012 Agenda

April 2012 AgendaSupporting Document – Election MotionsSupporting Document B – Bundy Project

March 2012 Agenda

February 2012 Agenda

December 2011 General Assembly Agenda

PNC General Assembly Meeting Agenda – November 2011

SPECIAL MEETING – October Assembly Meeting Agenda – 2011

Townhall Meeting to discuss changes to the NC system- Sept 27

June Assembly Meeting Agenda

May 2011 PNC General Assembly Agenda

April 2011 PNC Assembly Agenda

March 2011 PNC Assembly Agenda

February 2011 PNC Assembly Agenda

Jan 2011 PNC Assembly Agenda

Dec 2010 PNC Assembly Agenda

Nov 2010 PNC Assembly Agenda

Oct 2010 PNC Assembly Agenda

Executive Committee 

Executive Committee Mtg Agenda May 1 Supporting Document: Ground Rules 04.23.14

Executive Committee Mtg Agenda March 25

October 28 Executive Committee Meeting

Executive Committee Special Meeting Agenda, August 3

Elections Ad Hoc Committee

Election Ad Hoc Committee Meeting December 5 2012

Bylaws Ad Hoc Committee

By-Laws Ad Hoc Committee May 22nd Agenda