Our Board

2012-2014 PNC Representative Assembly Members

The Palms Neighborhood Council Representative Assembly is a 13-member governing body composed of officers chosen on a district wide basis and representatives elected from local areas composed of five (5) residential area and three (3) business area representatives.


President Eli Lipmen president@palmsla.org
Vice-President Ryan Bradley vicepresident@palmsla.org
Treasurer Loren Scott treasurer@palmsla.org
Secretary Tanya Leal secretary@palmsla.org

Committee Co-Chairs

Projects & Policy Eli Lipmen president@palmsla.org
Land Use & Planning Neal Anderberg neal@palmsla.org
Outreach & Communication Tanya Leal secretary@palmsla.org
Transportation & Safety Charles Miller charlesmiller@palmsla.org
Green Charles Miller charlesmiller@palmsla.org

Business Representatives
Click here for a map of PNC business areas.

Pacific Electric (Area 1) VACANT
Charnock Ranch (Area 2) Elise Rothberg charnockranch@palmsla.org
Palms Depot (Area 3) Jennifer Tobkin palmsdepot@palmsla.org

Residential Representatives
Click here for a map of PNC residential areas.

Palms West (Area A) Willie Bell palmswest@palmsla.org
Overland (Area B) Charles Miller charlesmiller@palmsla.org
Motor (Area C) Marquis Olison motor@palmsla.org
Studio (Area D) Terry Robinson studio@palmsla.org
Exposition (Area E) Nancy Wolf exposition@palmsla.org

Community-Based Organizations Representative

Layla Khamoushian – communityrep@palmsla.org

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