Meet Your Board

2012-2014 PNC Representative Assembly Members

The Palms Neighborhood Council Representative Assembly is a 13-member governing body composed of officers chosen on a district wide basis and representatives elected from local areas composed of five (5) residential area and three (3) business area representatives.


President Marisa Stewart
Vice-President Ryan Bradley
Treasurer Nick Greif
Secretary Len Nguyen

Committee Chairs

Land Use & Planning Neal Anderberg
Outreach & Communication VACANT  
Transportation & Safety Charles Miller
Green Charles Miller
Projects & Policy Eli Lipmen

Business Representatives
Click here for a map of PNC business areas.

Pacific Electric (Area 1) VACANT
Charnock Ranch (Area 2) VACANT  
Palms Depot (Area 3) Eliot Hochberg

Residential Representatives
Click here for a map of PNC residential areas.

Palms West (Area A) Willie Bell
Overland (Area B) Cat Eagle Stevens
Motor (Area C) Eli Lipmen
Studio (Area D) Paulina Quaranta
Exposition (Area E) Trevor Mulligan

Community-Based Organizations Representative