Bylaws & Rules

CURRENT BYLAWS (Updated April 2014)City Council approved a stakeholder definition change on 12/18/2013, Council File number is 12-1682.  The stakeholder definition was  updated in the PNC bylaws along with the NC boundary map with correct Department contact information; some minor formatting updates have also been changed to the overall body of the bylaws and Attachment B. 

CURRENT GROUND RULES (Adopted May 2014).


The Palms Neighborhood Council created the Bylaws Ad-Hoc Committee on May 1, 2013 to review and recommend amendments to the PNC’s current By-Laws. The committee reported to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly with its recommendations in May 2014. The Committee was chaired Jennifer Tobkin.

Wednesday April 9, 2014 SPECIAL Meeting Agenda (IMAN Center, 3376 Motor Avenue)

The first meeting of the Ad-Hoc Committee was Wednesday May 22nd at 7pm at the IMAN Center, 3376 Motor Avenue. The agenda can be downloaded here.

Palms Approved Bylaw Amendments-August 2013 Approved by DONE (Department of Neighborhood Empowerment) on August 1, 2013, the following changes were submitted and approved:

  • Minor syntax, grammar, and formatting corrections
  • Updates to Table of Contents
  • Article V, Section 3 clarifies that abstentions are not counted as votes in determining majority for taking an official action.
  • Article V, Section 6 updates the vacancy-filling procedure to specify that stakeholders shall be publicly notified of available vacancies on the board.
  • Article VI, Section 2.B.1, clarifies that vice-president may act as president in the event president recuses him/herself or is otherwise unable to act as president due to a conflict of interests.
  • Article VIII, Section 5  notice and conduct of special meetings
  • Article X. 6. E prohibits candidates from using NC database for electioneering
  • Article X. 6. F creates a non-voting “election point person” to assist candidates and to act as a liaison with the City in conducting NC elections.

Palms Approved Bylaw Amendments – Approved by DONE (Department of Neighborhood Empowerment) on October 2012

The Ralph M. Brown Act & Neighborhood Councils (open meeting laws)

Los Angeles City Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Charter