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Your Neighborhood Council: A Voice for Palms

The Palms Neighborhood Council was certified as part of the city government on December 14, 2004 with the following mission:

  • Improve the quality of life in Palms
  • Give our neighborhood a voice on issues affecting the community
  • Improve the delivery of City services to our area
  • Make City officials and Departments more accountable to community needs and concerns
  • Represent the diverse people of Palms; including renters, homeowners, employees, merchants, and others affiliated with local cultural, educational, and religious organizations

All of the stakeholders in Palms are members of the Neighborhood Council. Stakeholders include not only those who live, work or own property in the district, but also a broader category of people who can claim affiliation through some other kind of activity on behalf of Palms organizations.

The Palms Neighborhood Council has regular meetings that are open to the public, all residents of Palms are welcome to attend. Check out the schedule here or learn more about our committees.

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