Woodbine Park Community Picnic & Revitalization Project

The only City park in Palms Neighborhood Council is receiving a lot of attention lately!

At the last PNC Planning & Land Use Committee, Woodbine Park was the focus of discussion (corner of Woodbine St. & Vinton Ave). Stakeholders discuss ideas to revitalize the park in an area of the City that is in desperate need of good park space. The planning blog ‘Tribuni Plebis’ wrote an excellent article about Woodbine Park and the discussions at the PNC meeting.

This weekend, the PNC hosted a community potluck in the park to bring neighbors together and talk about revitalizing the park. Everyone immediately noticed that one backboard and hoop on the basketball court has gone missing. We are looking for people in the community donate a new one – please email secretary@palmsla.org.

The community came out with plenty of food and we were blessed with good weather. PNC Board members brought their children, friends, significant others, and dogs! There was even a pick-up basketball game.

Pictures are also on the Palms Facebook page.

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