8/25/14 Transportation & Safety Agenda 7p

The Transportation and Safety Committee agenda is now available at:

Trans agenda 8-25-14

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8/20/14 Special PNC Assembly Retreat Agenda 7pm

The agenda for Wednesday’s 8/20/14 Special Palms NC Assembly Retreat Meeting is now available at: PNC Assembly Retreat Agenda 8-20-14

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Neighborhood Council Budget Survey

Palmanians, our Budget Advocates want to know which City budget priorities are most important to you as they formulate recommendations for next year’s City budget. Please take two minutes to tell us your priorities by completing the quick survey.


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8/12/14 Special Joint Mtg. of PNC Budget Ad Hoc Comm. & PNC Rep. Assembly 7pm

A special joint meeting of the Palms Neighborhood Council (PNC) Budget Ad Hoc Committee and PNC Representative Assembly will be held Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at Wilde Thistle Celtic Cafe, 3456 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90034.

The meeting agenda is available here: Special Joint PNC Budget Ad Hoc Rep Assembly Agenda (3)

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Green Commitee Agenda August 13, 2014

Green Commitee Agenda August 13, 2014 GREEN-8-13-2014

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PNC Assembly Agenda 8/6/14

The agenda for Wednesday’s PNC Assembly meeting is now available. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. and will be held at IMAN Center, 3376 Motor Avenue.

PNC Assembly Agenda 8-6-14

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Green Committee motions for 8/6/14 Assembly meeting

Proposed Green Committee motions include Water LA Program (motion i) and Antibiotics (motion ii)

i.     MOTION: Whereas the Palms Neighborhood Council (PNC) believes that water is of paramount importance to the City of Los Angeles; And Whereas the PNC supports the Mayor’s goal of cutting imported water supplies in half by 2025; And Whereas the stakeholders of Palms can be active participants in reaching this goal, but currently lack consistent guidance, reliable incentives, resources, and support; And Whereas the Water LA program has been providing these tools to Panorama City and Studio City; Therefore Be It Resolved that the Palms Neighborhood Council requests the assistance of Mayor Garcetti and Councilmember Paul Koretz to bring the Water LA program to Palms.

ii.     MOTION: Whereas 80% of antibiotics in the U.S. are fed to factory farm animals that aren’t even sick. And Whereas many of these antibiotics are the same drugs that we rely on to treat infections in people. And Whereas two million Americans experience antibiotic-resistant infections every year, resulting in at least 23,000 deaths. Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Palms Neighborhood Council supports local, state, and national efforts to ban antibiotics that are medically important to human healthcare from being used for unnecessary, non-therapeutic purposes in livestock.

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Transportation & Safety Committee motions for 8/6/14 Assembly meeting

Proposed motions include: Westside Mobility Plan and Streetscape (motions i-v), SoVePaM Regional Transportation Meeting (motions vi-viii), LAFD Hiring Initiative (motion ix), LAWA/Metro Connection (motion x-xi), Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative (motion xii)

i.     MOTION: Whereas the Motor/National section of Palms has a budding nightlife and would benefit greatly from easy pedestrian access for riders on the coming Palms Station on the Expo Line Phase Two; And Whereas more Palms residents would take advantage of the Expo Line if a well-lit, welcoming pedestrian corridor connected the Motor/National area to the station; Therefore, the Palms Neighborhood Council reaffirms its February 2013 request that the Transit Neighborhood Plan being developed by the City of Los Angeles investigate and pursue incentives to develop a vibrant pedestrian corridor connecting Palms Station with the Motor Avenue and National Blvd. intersection in Palms.

ii.     MOTION: Whereas, the Palms Neighborhood Council, through considerable outreach, has determined that Overland Avenue would benefit greatly from a comprehensive streetscape plan; Therefore, the Palms Neighborhood Council requests that the Los Angeles Department of Planning, working with local stakeholders, pursue a comprehensive streetscape plan for Overland Avenue in Palms.

iii.     MOTION: Whereas the bike lanes installed on Motor Avenue in 2013 remain underutilized and controversial; And Whereas the value of bike lanes increases proportionally with their use; And Whereas, the forthcoming Expo Line Palms Station and the corresponding Expo Line Bike Path will increase opportunities for cyclists coming to and from Palms; Therefore the Palms Neighborhood Council request that the Los Angeles Department of Planning work with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to pursue protected bike lanes on Motor Avenue between Venice Boulevard and Manning Avenue.

iv.     MOTION: Whereas expanded parkway tree wells create a more walkable an scenic pedestrian space with opportunities for Palms-preferred California native landscaping, Therefore, the Palms Neighborhood Council requests that as part of the Westside Mobility Streetscape Plan, the Los Angeles Department of Planning pursue expanded parkway tree wells to be landscaped with California native plants for Motor Avenue in Palms.

v.     MOTION: Whereas the Palms Neighborhood Council has previously gone on record to support crosswalks at the intersections of Motor and Woodbine as well as Jasmine and Palms; And Whereas, funds from the LADP Streetscape Plan and the Transit Neighborhood Plan could efficiently be used to implement this stakeholder need; Therefore, the Palms Neighborhood Council requests that the City of Los Angeles install continental-style crosswalks at the intersections of Motor and Woodbine and Jasmine and Palms in the community of Palms.

vi.     MOTION: Whereas, Venice Boulevard was recently repaved by the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) from Lincoln Boulevard to the I-405 Freeway; AND Whereas, Venice Boulevard through the Venice, Mar Vista, Palms, and SoRo communities is in a terrible state of disrepair, exacerbated by the Expo Line construction; AND Whereas, the plants on the median have died due to a broken irrigation system; Therefore, the Palms Neighborhood Council requests that as part of completion of Expo Phase Two, the Los Angeles City Council and California Department of Transportation take action to see that East-Bound and West-Bound Venice Boulevard be repaved from Lincoln Boulevard to Pacific Avenue and from the I-405 Freeway to Fairfax Avenue, and that the median be planted with California native plants and supported by an initial watering schedule or an installed low-flow irrigation system.

vii.     MOTION: Whereas, the Palms Neighborhood Council recognizes a need to provide parking at light rail and subway stations to maximize ridership; AND Whereas parking capacity at the Culver City Station is already exceeded on most weekdays; AND Whereas the impending opening of phase two of the Expo Line offers a unique opportunity to increase the use of public transportation; Therefore, the Palms Neighborhood Council requests that the City of Los Angeles and Metro work together to provide solutions leading to public parking at or adjacent to light rail stations.

viii.     MOTION: Whereas, the Palms Neighborhood Council recognizes that Park-and-Ride options with convenient public transportation connection to light rail will only increase ridership and its benefits to the urban environment; Therefore, the Palms Neighborhood Council requests that the City of L.A. and Metro work together to provide off-site Park-and-Ride lots in the communities of Venice, Mar Vista, Palms, and SoRo, designed to geographically expand ridership reach for light rail and subway lines.

ix.     MOTION: Whereas emergency services are severely stretched in Los Angeles, due to cutbacks in recent years; Therefore, the Palms Neighborhood Council urges the City of Los Angeles to continue to adequately fund the recruitment, hiring, and training of new firefighters to bring the Los Angeles Fire Department back to 2007 levels by fiscal year 2019.

x.     MOTION: Whereas the stakeholders of Palms are all stakeholders of services provided by LAX and LA Metro Transit; Therefore, The Palms Neighborhood Council supports a remote access plan to best connect LAX to the greater county and Southern California region which: 1) Relocates an upgraded LAX City Bus Center to either the future Intermodal Transit Facility at 96th & Airport or the future Metro Rail Station at 96th & Aviation to best accommodate commuters, 2) Explores, prioritizes, and funds a South Bay Green Line Extension, and 3) Funds two Major Investment Studies for connecting light rail extensions to both the Westside, via the Sepulveda Corridor through Palms, and the Norwalk Metrolink Station.

xi.     MOTION: Whereas the stakeholders of Palms want to see an efficient, world-class LAX; Therefore, the Palms Neighborhood Council supports any comprehensive, pedestrian-friendly LAX plan that includes a People Mover station location and design, as well as moving walkways to best encourage convenient and rapid access from the future People Mover rail line for all pedestrians, including those with special needs.

xii.     MOTION: Whereas parking tickets should be issued in the name of making the City of Los Angeles a safer and more livable place; And Whereas parking tickets disproportionately penalize working-class commuters who constitute a substantial percentage of Palms residents; Therefore, the Palms Neighborhood Council opposes any policies, official or implied, that encourage the establishment of any Parking Ticket Quotas within the ranks of the LAPD and LA Parking Enforcement.

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Proposed PNC Motion re: Public Records Act Requests

The Assembly on 8/6/14 will consider a motion by Vice President Ryan Bradley regarding PNC policy on procedures for responding to Public Records Act requests and assessing appropriate charges. The proposal was heard in Executive Committee on 7/29/14.

MOTION: Approve a council policy on procedures for responding to Public Records Act requests and assessing appropriate charges.

Proposal re: Public Records Act Requests

The council should adopt a policy for inclusion in either the council’s bylaws or its ground rules laws addressing how the council should respond to Public Records Act [PRA] requests.

1) The secretary shall review all incoming PRA requests, identify and collect all responsive documents and respond timely to the request.  However, if the PRA request is determined by the council president to concern either conflicts of interest related to, or actions taken by the secretary, then the president shall assign another council member, whose acts or potential conflicts are not implicated specifically by the request, to respond.

2) Immediately upon receiving a PRA request, the secretary or responding member shall forward the request to DONE and the city attorney’s office and seek guidance as to how to respond.

3) The response shall be issued within ten days of receipt of the PRA request, unless there are significant barriers to locating, identifying or copying (if requested) the documents, at which point the secretary or responding member may take longer to respond.  However, the determination as to whether the barriers to identify or copy the documents are so significant as to merit additional response time shall be made solely by the city attorney’s office.

4) Any documents prepared, owned or retained by the council may be the subject of a PRA request, provided that they are reasonably identified and not privileged or confidential in nature.  Determinations as to a document’s privileged or confidential nature shall only be made in consultation with the city attorney’s office.

5) PRA requests may only concern documents already in existence at the time of the request; no documents need be generated in response to a PRA request.

6) Requested documents may be provided in either paper or electronic form.  The election of the form of the response rests solely with the requesting party.  Prior to providing the response, the secretary or the responding member must inform the requesting party of the format options along with the related costs.  The costs shall be based on those dictated by the California Government code at the time of the request.  NOTE: The Government code limits the charges for providing documents in electronic format to the cost of the electronic media on which the documents are placed [e.g. the CD-ROM or “thumb” drive”].

7) As a government entity, the Government code allows the council to decide whether to waive costs associated with responses to PRA requests.  The policy for waiver of PRA response charges is as follows:

(1) The council shall not waive charges associated with PRA requests when the response is in paper form (copier costs).

(2) The council shall waive charges associated with requests when the response is in electronic form.

PRA Request Policy II

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Treasurer’s Budget Docs for 8/6/14 GA meeting

PNC Treasurer’s budget documents for August 6, 2014 General Assembly meeting are now available.

Treasurers Report July 2014

Monthly Expenditure Report – July 2014

Monthly Expenditure Report – June 2014

FY13-14 Budget After Action Report

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